Road tunnels for increased mobility

With constantly increasing traffic volumes, the need for traffic infrastructure also increases. As this infrastructure should be implemented in harmony with the communities involved, as well as the environment, road tunnels are often the chosen solution.

The top priorities for every structure are quality and durability. The requirements for tunnel operation need to be considered at an early design stage. Particularly, special structures like utility ducts, escape galleries, cross-passages, ventilation shafts and ventilation plants need to be considered in a comprehensive design already at an early stage.


Safety installations, such as smoke extraction ventilation including detection systems and escape routes, shape the design of modern traffic structures. Additionally, emergency lanes and service bays for tunnel users are important project features. As a result of these safety measures, large asymmetric tunnel cross-sections are often necessary, the construction of which is particularly difficult in soft ground.

Existing tunnels must also be improved to meet the continuously increasing requirements. In this case, not only safety and environmental demands shall be fulfilled, but also the probable requirement of the client, to carry out construction works while traffic is moving.