Comprehensive services

Underground projects are complex with widely varying requirements. From design and execution through to operation and renewal, our staff will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a structure.


  • Design (feasibility analysis, construction project, invitation to tender)
  • Realisation (project execution, construction supervision, project direction)
  • Project review, consulting, technical expertise

Renewal & Refurbishment

  • Facility inspection and state assessment
  • Conservation of value planning
  • Maintenance and renewal
  • Modification and dismantling
  • Project reviews, consulting, technical expertise

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Geotechnical survey
  • Feasibility study
  • Geotechnical and structural analysis
  • Analysis and control of stability
  • Dynamic analysis

Project Management

  • Project management as client representative
  • Logistics and choice of materials
  • Risk management
  • Technical expertise
  • Controlling

Risk & Safety

  • Fire protection concept
  • Safety concept
  • Evacuation design
  • Personnel planning
  • Safety analysis and controlling

Aerodynamics & Ventilation

  • Consulting and client's support
  • Expert's opinions
  • Design of new facilities and renovation
  • State assessment of existing facilites