BIM for complex buildings underground

BIM @ Amberg - we are there!

BIM for complex buildings underground

BIM underground is still new

Building Information Modelling – BIM – is still new in underground spaces. Amberg Group is one of the pioneers in this field in Switzerland. We build tunnels, shafts and caverns with the BIM method. Therefore, we have developed the software which has originally been programmed for building engineering. In addition, we are part of the team which works on the new international standard ifc.5 tunnel.


Amberg is specialized in designing difficult passages in tunnels as well as complex geometries such as crossings and connections to existing structures.


BIM saves time and money

The advantages of BIM are numerous. The method does not only make your projects more efficient, but also improves communication in the project team. This results in more transparency among the specialists involved and makes writing and reading of long reports superfluous.



BIM – facts and figures


  • 32 billion Swiss Francs is the total value of all BIM projects of Amberg Group so far
  • 43 countries worldwide execute projects developed by Amberg, an increasing number being BIM projects
  • 60% less e-mail traffic among project members thanks to the BIM method






We offer Project Management, Consulting and classic Engineering Services with BIM

Management with or without BIM 

Whether you want us to save time and costs for you or to manage your entire project – we will provide you with a BIM solution customized to your needs. We simulate construction processes or visualize difficult passages of your project. The BIM method will improve your risk and cost management considerably.



Consulting with or without BIM 

BIM does not only create added value in the design and construction phase but also in the much longer operation period. In the planning phase, you will receive a virtual model/ a 3D model of your construction. By using BIM, your management will benefit of further strategic possibilities.


Engineering services exclusively with BIM 

Also in traditional projects, we work with BIM standards. However, the model which combines different disciplines, is still compatible with conventional planning methods. Amberg will provide you with all the relevant requirements for implementing BIM in your project and will point out possible barriers to you. We furthermore support your using BIM for specific purposes/projects/sub projects/constuctions.


BIM is our passion!

If you would like to learn more about our BIM solutions, please get in touch with us using the email address

Your BIM Experts

BIM projects

Our BIM experts have been involded in many well-known projects. For these projects they have developped BIM solutions for difficult passages in tunnels as well as complex geometries such as crossings and connections to existing structures.


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