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Amberg Engineering Switzerland is a specialised engineering designer for underground structures. For more than 50 years, we have been developing solutions in the fields of underground railway, road and metro tunnels, caverns and infrastructure galleries.



Amberg Engineering Switzerland is one of the world's leading engineering companies in underground construction. We provide clients with professional and cost-effective solutions, from planning, design, site supervision and commissioning through to renewal and refurbishment of structures. Alongside this, our expertise includes project management and consulting, as well as inspections and state assessments.


Amberg Engineering is part of the Amberg Group. The companies of the Amberg Group, Amberg Loglay, Amberg Technologies, VSH Test Gallery and Amberg Engineering use the available synergies of logistics, surveying, monitoring and instrumentation. research and development in underground construction technology and engineering design to achieve best results in our projects and optimal benefits for our partners and clients.


Head office in Regensdorf (CH)